WorldWorks, Unlimited was created in 1996 as the umbrella organization for all of our web properties. We created this name to reflect our commitment to having a world that works for everyone. Our contribution to that idea is supporting people in the areas of our expertise. We are counselors and biofeedback therapists. The focus of our private practices was in self-regulation, self-management of chronic stress related health disorders and supporting parents in learning how to better parent their children with less stress and more joy.

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LifeMatters combines health information, biofeedback equipment for home and professional use and online parenting and stress management classes. We support you by training you how to take charge of your health and eliminate chronic health problems.

We have been offering classes online since 1997 that provide practical, step by step instructions in our areas of expertise: parenting, stress related functional problems and biofeedback. Through our professional work, we know that changing your behavior can change your life. Since we know how easy it is to give up during times of stress, allowing your bodies and families to suffer, we provide expert, personal coaching to assist you. We are here as your champions to guide you when you are ready to recover and regain a sense of control, ease and well being inside yourself and within your family.

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